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Children's Hospital chief physician, warns that she i▓s meeting too many parents who look for a fast cure ▓to their child’s sleep apnea and they rush them into s▓urgery even without a proper diagnosis, potentially puttin▓g their children unnecessarily at risk.Bringing innovation to treatmentA child going to ▓surgery places faces a greater risk of harm than an ▓adult would. Although Dr. Gozal noted his patients - children - who undergo surgery are treated with special care when they arrive ▓at his sleep clinic in Chicago, he’s careful to make the right diagnosis beforehand.His sleep lab conducts blood and urinary testing, as well as observing the patient in sleep. Mild forms of treatment, such as medicines and other specialized tre▓atments are fist applied and if proven ineffective, they will move forward to surgery."But, it&rsq▓uo;s my dream that 20 years from no▓w, we will make so many advances in tr▓eating sleep apnea that no child will need to undergo surgery," said Dr. Goza▓l.He hopes new medicines and treatment programs will▓ be introduced to the public as sleep▓ study experts develop state-of-the-art cures

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for children.He sought to express his gratitude to Dr. Xu and Beijing Children’s Hospital for pursuing innovative and collaborative research▓ on sleep apnea in pediatrics.Dr. Gozal is open to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) doctors collaborating with his team of sleep experts as well, especial▓ly to treat mild cases of sleep apnea for children. He is ▓sure that the wisdom of TCM may provide unique opportunities to discover future effective treatments for sleep apnea in children.Public mess▓age for allIn the public discourse in China▓ and the rest of the world, not

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